IT Services. What we do best.

IT Computer Systems Support.
Microsoft system engineers with over 25 years of experience. Working with Small Business to Global Corporations.

IT Ninjas Ltd recognises the capital investment and resources customers put into purchasing a new system.

Our customer support program is designed to maximise performance, up-time as well as prolong the life of systems to protect your investment.

IT Support is our first grade service for companies with or without their own existing IT Management team. If you need any of the following. We can give  professional answers and solutions.
Computer replacement.
Mobile and tablet replacement.
Server replacement
Backup solutions
Internet upgrades.
Wifi deployment.
Secure firewalls and Security protection.
Staff training.
Company phone systems.
Cloud solutions.
PCIDSS procedure, documentation and completion.
FCA procedure, documentation and completion.
GDPR procedure, documentation and completion.
Nist procedure, documentation and completion.
Long term planning.
Automated upgrades.
Inhouse remote backup and recovery solutions.
Dedicated separate remote recovery site in Essex.

24 / 7 monitoring.
We monitor server hardware, software, backup and respond to incidence as they happen.
In addition, monitor internet traffic and respond instantly to threats and future threats.
Automate software upgrades and patching. This all happens out of working hours.
We can respond to long term power outages, loss of internet to get you back on line FAST!.

We can cover Server and workstation maintenance. To keep your equipment running at the top of its performance. This all happens in the background with zero down time. We plan and liaise with third party vendors, to keep your system running without any  issues. If something goes wrong we have the resources to resolve the issue Fast!

Environmental monitoring.

We take things that step further monitoring environmental conditions to plan and be prepared for the worst to reduce business impact. Heaven forbid it happens!

There are 1.4 billion lightning strikes every year in the UK. East Midlands and East Anglia having the most concentration.

With the UK ambient temperature increasing. We are seeing an increase in heavy rain and impacts of cloudbursts and severe flooding.